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This Week in Web Design helps simplify the web design process by having guest experts in business, creative, tech and marketing answer your questions. Join Host Jose Caballer of The Groop as he helps steer the web to better design. This week Jose and Special Guest Julie Glassman helps co founder of optimize his brand and website. For more info check out the show notes at Check out the presentation and the workbook for this show at

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  1. OMGrant says:

    I felt like Julie was very nice, but Jose.. you’re full of your self and I hate that about designers

  2. ladychick011 says:

    you guys are doing a great job!!keep up the good work!!!

  3. mqemphatic38 says:

    Julie G is GORGEOUS!!! What a wonderful interview. Very informational.

  4. DaSverdanja says:

    @SebastianC9000 Hear, hear! Less Jose, more guest.

  5. utdwcd says:

    You got a good gig here man I hope more people start watching. I have three monitors and I’m always looking for movies and such to watch while I’m working so these are great.

  6. willxxxlife says:

    i need some one 2 make my web site helppppppppppppppp

  7. SebastianC9000 says:

    Stop interrupting her!

  8. ZenCartEasyHelp says:

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  9. nizardesigner says:

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  10. marbogi90 says:

  11. TheSyntaxOverride says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Julie Glassman <3 Can I have her?

  12. stephani50616 says:

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  13. dfghdfsxcgbd says:

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  14. ildarius says:

    @thegroop definetly would be very interested in learning more about that

  15. thegroop says:

    @ildarius It is the American Institute of Graphic Arts at AIGA dot org. They have great events that you can attend. BUT what you are saying is going to continue to happen. As a designer here in the US you have to start separating yourself from crowd sourcing by providing more than just the tactical execution. The process that you use will help you separate from the online pack. Would you like a show on this process? And how to increase your value as a freelancer?

  16. ildarius says:

    @thegroop You’ve named the artists association in los angeles and I know that spec-work is becoming a real problem for web designers. What places can you recommend where you can hire designers at rates which are competitive to crowdsourcing web-sites.

  17. thegroop says:

    @mehulkar For picking fonts I would read “Stop Stealing Sheep and Learn how Type Works” For color I would use kuler dot adobe dot com. BUT the most important thing is to identify what “attributes” would describe the website you are working on and matching the color and fonts to that. Example if you would describe your site / brand as “fun and energetic” you would not have a blue and black site – likely it would be yellow and orange.

  18. thegroop says:

    @ildarius Thank you. Much appreciated. And thank you for watching the show. Let me know what topics you are interested in hearing about. How can I help you?

  19. ildarius says:

    great hosts, well spoken, no long and winded questions and explanations. Excellent speakers.

  20. mehulkar says:

    @thegroop I have trouble selecting fonts and colors. There are so many options I don’t know what good combinations are. An episode to talk about details like these would be awesome.

  21. thegroop says:

    @mehulkar Thanks man. Let me know if there are any topics you would like us to cover.

  22. thegroop says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaankkkks! Let me know what you would like on the show!

  23. pmadesk says:


  24. mehulkar says:

    I’m subscribing to this.

  25. thegroop says:

    Thank you. You can ask questions here. Also every week we announce the topic for the following week on Wed. Look for the link on the This Week In site. On our show page.
    - Jose Caballer

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